Mafia browser games online : the best

Torn City: Torn is a responsive text-based browser game that operates in Torn City. Be careful not to end up in jail or hospital. There are many features to choose from, for example go to gym, run your own business and play in casino. Start your company and develop your career. Although, it’s kind of difficult getting to higher levels. Torn City has lots of players around the world and it’s currently the most popular text-based browser game. Always up to date content. Interested? Visit Torn City website!

Mafia Hustle is a mobster themed online RPG. Doing crimes, hitting the gym and creating your gang, these are only the few aspects of the game. Bust people out of jails or kill them for bounty – the choice is yours. Level up, compete against other people in rankings ans show no mercy. Gain enough money to get yourself an armor to protect yourself as well as primary and secondary weapons to defeat your enemies mercilessly.

Streets Of New York is a mafia browser game with lots of features. It’s a role-playing game that allows you to enter the underworld and experience adventures. You can create an organised robbery, but there’s also a possibility to commit automatic organised robbery. If you want to get involved in illegal action, you can buy/sell drugs. There’s a big list of casino games, so you have a perfect chance for gambling. Kill your enemies by searching for right opponents.

Our pick Mafia browser game: Do you want to be the strongest man in the game or the richest player around? Who are you? You may never reach your goals but they might also change along the way. The answer to the question is not important. Mafia MoFo is about the journey a normal, sane person takes into the seedy underworld of crime and grime. Join an established dynasty – or even start your own. Declare war on the law itself and rob and plunder or take on your fellow hoods in gang warfare in which the ultimate prize is control of the money and the power that comes with the territory. Sell drugs, become an assassin, engage in betrayal and get betrayed yourself as you build your criminal empire. Open and run a crew, flood the streets with high-priced smack, or just work as a go-between that freelances in the criminal underworld. Feeling the heat in one city? Venture to another where there are even more or different opportunities for you to explore. Mafia MoFo Reloaded is about the journey your character takes and the discoveries you make along the way. It will change your perception of an RPG. Each choice and branching path leads to a new reality filled with different options and consequences than ever before. Some games you play, but in Mafia MoFo Reloaded, you become the game. Unleash the MoFo in you and start building your criminal empire today. Find more info at Mafia MoFo Reloaded – Browser Mafia Game.

Mafia Block is an excellent mafia browser game that drags you into the illegal world with criminals and gangsters. Explore the streets where you have a chance to find diamonds, money or gain experience. There is also a possibility to end up in jail. The game contains a huge variety of various crimes so be ready for mugging, pimping, robbery, fraud, drug deal, betrayal, heist and loan sharking. You can also try out blackjack, slots, lottery and high-low.

BOARD gaming mouse pads

Looking for the best quality large gaming mouse pad ? The quality of the gaming mouse pad has a huge influence on how good you play games, especially FPS games. Let’s try a top 3 best gaming mouse pads.

No 1: BOARD gaming mouse pads are amazing. What people say? A thick and substantially long mousepad that’ll fit my TKL keyboard and give my mouse lots of room to move. I’ve only had this mousepad for about a week now and I’m hoping the stiched edges will hold up as I do clean my peripherals every month or so. This does seem pretty promising though; and I’ll update this review later. So far, 5/5 rating for being a pretty aesthetically pleasing mousepad, good quality, and a good price on top of it all. The cloth mousepad can be rolled and stored when not in use for your convenience. Premium Quality. This gaming mouse mat was made to last! The cloth mousepad is made with the best quality materials and carefully stitched to give you great durability even with heavy use. Buy a high quality white gaming mouse pad from Board.Blue.

No 2: There are a lot of mouse pads out there that we love in theory, but just won’t fit our desk – either too big or entirely too small. However, the Cooler Master MP510 looks to get on top of this problem by offering 4 different sizes, from a small pad that’ll fit any desk to a giant mouse pad that will take up even the largest desk. It’s made of a durable Cordura fabric that won’t fray, stain or even absorb liquid. So, you won’t have to panic when you inevitably spill your drink – except for all your other peripherals, we guess.

No 3: Corsair came in with the top gaming mouse pad, albeit with a few issues. You know how we do it on Gear Hungry: we like to get the negatives out of the way first and foremost. This comes treated to try and prevent stains and damage, but it brings with it a highly chemical smell. On top of that, the coloration you see on the marketing photos are fairly accurate: this is going to fade from black to white with age, which doesn’t impede on its function, but is still unfortunate. Corsair did mark this at an incredibly low price, making it one of the best values on our list. While you run into those little issues, you get immense horizontal space for maximum range. Even with that discoloration problem, the material never frays or slips, thanks to the quality construction and no-skid rubber base. Wherever you place this down, it’s going to stick. The textile-specific textured top allows you to maintain accuracy no matter what, making this ultra functional, and intense for long-winded gaming sessions. If you are into gaming, make sure you also check our guide to the top gaming routers.

Great gamers need great gear. We get this. We’re gamers, too. That’s why we get frustrated when we’re looking for gear only to find everything absurdly overpriced and, quite frankly, ugly as hell. Gamers deserve better. We’re Board, and we’re sick of it. We make high-performance gear for high-performance gamers, and we sell it at prices you can afford. Your setup is key. It’s how you translate your abilities to the game space. As gamers, we all deserve to have gear that is as dedicated to excellence as we are while reflecting our personal style. Read more details at

Best 10 eSports players in 2019 and more esports interviews

Today’s topic: Best 10 eSports players in 2019. eSports are a huge money industry this days and you will stunned by the amounts esports players make.

Nyhrox’s former teammate, David “Aqua” Wang swooped into the eighth place with slightly under $1.8 million in prize winnings throughout 2019. Just like his former teammate, the 17-year-old Austrian pro made most of his money with his first-place finish at the 2019 Fortnite World Cup – Duo, however, he earned an additional $290,000 due to his success elsewhere. Two of his most notable achievements besides the World Cup duo title was his 94th place finish at Fortnite World Cup – Solo ($50,000) and a first-place finish at Fortnite Champion Series Season X European Finals ($160,000) where he played alongside two compatriots Klaus “stompy” Konstanzer and Thomas “Tschilinken” Hörak. Find more info on Top 10 eSports Players 2019.

“Gaming is no longer just a form of entertainment. There are legitimate careers to pursue within this industry, but the paths aren’t always clear,” explained N3rd Street Gamers CEO John Fazio. “This premier esports facility will give Rowan University students and the surrounding community the opportunity to learn both technical and professional skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.” “Rowan will work collaboratively with NSG to develop curricula relating to the esports industry, establish internship opportunities, and create club and varsity-level teams,” reports Rowan Today. Through internships both on and off-campus, student-gamers will receive “hands-on training and knowledge in a variety of fields that will prepare them to become leaders in technology, engineering, business, computer programming and even broadcasting as it applies to this emerging industry.” Also in development are certificate programs that will provide students and professionals with credentials and training to work in the esports industry.

This fall, St. Thomas University (STU) plans to launch South Florida’s first school sanctioned esports team. The school is already a member of the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE), and according to CBS Miami, the team, which will be housed in a room above the basketball court, even falls under the athletic department where Director Laura Courtley-Todd thinks, “it’s a perfect fit.”

The year 2019 has been a monumental one for the esports industry in many ways. We got to see the birth of new esports teams, the arrival of new esports titles in the competitive scene, but most importantly, 2019 had the most esports tournaments (4583) than any year before, which saw over US $214,000,000 in prize money handed out to players and organizations. With a lot of tournaments and massive amounts of money being handed out to the best teams and individuals, there were a few which stood out from the rest and earned themselves a spot among the top 10 best-paid esports teams of 2019. Here is the list of those teams based on information provided by and the teams themselves. Find more info on Top 10 eSports Teams 2019.

Unikrn VO, an online esports betting platform, told the company that they are looking for new providers to help grow the casino at an advanced level. Swintt is the one who blends it and commits to improving the online casino. Unikrn offers esport-related games as well as SwinttGamify online tools. It will provide the viewer with an unforgettable and unprecedented experience. The agreement distributes more than 50 games from the Swintt catalogue including land-based classics such as’ Master of Books,” Heart of Earth,” Legendary,’ and’ Panda Warrior,’ which is due to release next year.

As gaming became more popular, the ’90s became the first decade when esports (a term which wasn’t yet coined) began to really take off, with companies such as Nintendo and Sega holding professional gaming tournaments. This is also when we began to see money becoming a factor in professional gaming – people were no longer merely playing for kudos but for $15,000 jackpots. But it is the 1997 Red Annihilation Quake tournament which is considered the world’s first ‘real’ esports event, with 200 participants contending to take the grand prize – the lead developer of Quake’s Ferrari. Only a few weeks later, the Cyberathlete Professional League was formed – an organization which is considered a pioneer of esports. Visit:

Dragon tiger and other Myanmar online games

Searching to play Myanmar specific games? Here are several options! One of the next fantastic games from video games is the Simple Mario game. This game type seems like a slot game. If you are not fill up the bill and you do not have a point yet. But you can play the “Free Hand” option from Simple Mario. And another game that persuades the players from the JDBYG game portal is Huaguoshan Legends. The type of this game is that you can choose the unit and color that you like to bet with a point. The units from this game are imagined cartoon characters from Journey to the West movie and other. The next game who likes to play from the video game categories is Beer Tycoon. This game type seems like choosing the number game. The win of this game is based on luck.

There have too many game types on the JDBYG game portal. If you are a bet lord of sports games type, you can easily choose many types of sports games to bet. Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Beach, Football, Handball, Hockey, Soccer, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, Pool/Snooker, MotorSport, etc. You can easily register your JDBYG account with your phone number. This is one of the best sports game Myanmar gaming portal. When you choose the sports game category on JDBYG, then you can see the menu of the sports list and you can see the right time animated sports schedule at the website’s navigation bar. Play video game Myanmar! There are too many options for sports game Myanmar and sports from other countries. One of the reasons that young people also like this game portal is the E-Sports category included in this menu. There are seven types of betting in soccer. These are handicap & over/under, odd/even & total goal, first half/ full time, correct score, match odds 1×2, first goal/ last goal, and outright.

Sbobet is one of the world’s leading online gaming brands. Gambling is now very popular in Asia and throughout the world. Betting on sports has become quite popular and it is an easy way of making quick money. Sbobet represents online betting on sports including tennis, baseball, football, basketball, soccer, badminton, etc. Sbobet is an online gambling site and offers online live betting, live casino gaming and has licensed in Asia and Europe. Sbobet has become the number one online betting. If you’re a big fan of casino online gaming, then you’ll like what we have to say about sbobet. You get options to bet on more than 500 sports with live updates on football provided and this online casino and sports betting provider is the largest in Asia and operates in Europe as well. They focused mainly on major sports, online games, and racing. Play Myanmar Roulette at!

Roulette is a game that gives you a mysterious feeling and a lot of emotions since the 17th century. It is extremely popular around the world. Roulette means “little wheel” in French. This game can catch all the attention of the world is due to it’s simple and easy to follow rules. If you want to know what is Roulette, imagine a big table in the eye and there is a little wheel. The number on the wheel is written randomized from zero to thirty-six. On the roulette wheel, there are numbers 0 to 36. Once the participants in the game have placed their bets on the table, the dealer spins the wheel and throws in a small ball. The player has to guess the number or type of the last ball drawn in the roulette.

ibet789 is the best sports betting games that we offer on the JDBYG game portal. Sports betting is beginning from too many years ago. People go to the sports betting shops, club, dealers and then they can bet sports matches. This is the traditional betting ways of sports from recent centuries. Nowadays, do not worry about these difficult ways of betting because you can easily bet sports matches from ibet789. If you have internet you can log in ibet789 and choose the sports categories that you want to bet. Even live casinos, lottery, esports, casinos, and more games can play on this game portal. The game portal for iBet789 was developed by strong technology that is the reason safe for the players who played on this game portal. Most people who love to bet soccer matches join ibet789 and they bet the matches divided by leagues like the premier league, La Liga, Series A, Bundesliga, United Soccer League, and more soccer leagues.

If you want to bet in Bottom, there are also three ways to bet. The first one is called 3D Bottom. Bottom 3D should be matched directly to any pair in 3 digits of 4 pairs in the BOTTOM. In 2D Bottom, 2 digits must be equal directly to the two numbers in the BOTTOM. 1D bottom means that one of the last two bottoms of the Thai lottery. If one of the two numbers appears in the top two numbers, only one digit will be calculated. Eg, 22,33,44. This game type seems like choosing the number game and the win of this game is based on luck. So let’s play our Thai Lottery and you can play Thai lottery at our JDBYG online casino website. All you need is a mobile phone or computer. If you don’t know the rules, you can quickly see the exact rules at a button.

Play Match 3 games online

Match 3 free games online! Butterfly Kyodai is a fascinating puzzle game that does not only feature wonderful, dreamy graphics but also challenges your thinking and your perception. The objective of the game is remove all tokens from the board by connecting two matching tiles. Connections can be made either in straight lines or with up to two turns. If you manage to clear the board you can move on to the next of the 12 stages. These stages get harder over time and tease your brain even more. The faster you manage to clear them, the higher your score will be. Will you manage to go through all of the levels?Play Butterfly Kyodai now for free and enjoy the fantastic puzzle game experience!

Aqua Blitz. Did you have too much cookies and are you done with jewels? The fantastic match3 adventure game Aquablitz is here to take you below the surface of the ocean instead! In four hundred challenging levels you match jelly fish, mussels, turtles and other creatures of the seas. The more creatures you manage to match with each move the cooler extras you will be rewarded with. Matching four of the same will for instance give you a line breaker and five of the same will give you a special that can remove all creatures of one type.Play Aquablitz now for free and go the whole twenty thousand leagues under the sea!

Match 3 games on Android example, which is not free! Isn’t it better to play free games in your browser? Pokemon Shuffle Mobile was the first official Pokemon game on mobile. It disappointed some people that it was a freemium match three game. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad match three game, though. Players match three icons as usual. Completing a match allows your Pokemon to attack. The first Pokemon to fall is the loser. The developers plan on adding more events and Pokemon in future updates. We’re not sure how far off those updates are.

Advanced matching games are one of the best ways to stimulate the mind. Advanced match 3 games, can help with many different cognitive areas to help you improve your critical thinking skills. In reality, there have been proven tests, in which games were used to determine certain results. Games have been used by many psychologists to come to conclusions on different aspects of their patients. A game, requiring someone to match different items can stimulate certain parts of their brain. So why not start playing today and play one of our most advanced matching games? Read additional details Free Match 3 Games Online.

Welcome to Temple Jewels – the fast paced match-3 challenge! In Temple Jewels levels can consist of triangular, square or hexagonal tiles. A certain amount of this tiles is colored. Combine 3 or more jewels of the same type on any colored tiles until all of tiles got cleared. Make sure to be quick! The time is constantly ticking down and spare seconds will add to your score! On the other hand, a keen eye for possible combinations might be the key to swiftly complete a level. It’s even possible to combine jewels while chain reactions are still going on! Hurry up, because if the time runs out your game will be over and you have to restart from the beginning! Play Temple Jewels now for free, set a new high-score and compete with your friends!

Overwatch skill rating guides

Searching for tricks on how to improve your skill rating in Overwatch? The same remains true for Baptiste and Moira, who were critical support choices in the initial shield meta. Baptiste doubles as a “third DPS” thanks to his primary fire and Moira remains a powerful healer despite nerfs to her abilities. Zenyatta has made a surprising return due to his Discord ability, now able to be used effectively once shields are destroyed. He must be paired with a high-output healer like Baptiste to be most effective, however.

Once you hit Gold though, you’ll meet a vast array of people. Some players in Gold are aiming for the big leagues, whereas others might have just started out or been recently promoted from Silver. Either way, you’ll come across some people who want to play a lone wolf kind of game, while others are more interested in forming a viable team composition. In Gold, you’ll see players who have ‘mains,’ meaning that they play the same hero most of the time in order to become especially competent at performing that individual hero’s role. Continue reading “Overwatch skill rating guides”

SWTOR advices

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a mass multi-player played online role-playing game (MMORPG) based in the Star Wars universe. Developed by BioWare Austin and a supplemental team at BioWare Edmonton, the game was announced on October 21, 2008. The video game was published for the MS Windows operating system on December 20, 2011 in North America and part of Europe. Early access to the game was granted one week before release, on December 13, 2011, for those who had pre-ordered the game online; access opened in “waves” based on pre-order date.

Here are some SWTOR advices: Don’t start right away from lvl 60/65/70. Even if you don’t care much about what I said just now, consider this. This game has a beginning (which is long in the past now), a present and a future. don’t skip the most important part. Start your adventure from lvl 1, save yourself the money for that token (if you got it for free with your Subscription, save it for later usage). Starting from 1 will help you learn better the world of SWTOR. It will teach you of what the game is about, it will allow you to fully experience the real power of this MMO – its story aspect. Well, it’s not the end of the world (Pff!) if you scratch this advice completely and ignore my words, but I secretly hope that one day you will indeed go back, play all the 3 original chapters (lvl 1 to 50) on your favorite class, come back to this guide and tell me “I loved the beginning, you were right to advice us to Doso.”

The next method of earning Swtor credits is much more effective, yet risky – crafting different items according to your character(s), crafting professions and acquiring skills and then selling them directly to other players or on the Galactic Trade Network (GTN). To work this out, you’d probably have to have multiple characters with excellent Crew Skills levels. You’ll also have to give more time to adding your crafted things to GTN. It is important to understand which crafted objects sell well at particular times. The trend doesn’t change every day, however between patches it’s possible that the most popular item might tomorrow become totally useless and unsellable. You need to do your research and discover what sells well and craft it. Bear in mind that the time taken by gathering the resources and crafting the objects should also be considered while calculating your profit. The longer you take for an activity, the less productive it becomes.

For instance, you can do the Coruscant heroics in around 10 minutes and if you also do the bonuses, you get around 250k. After that, if you’re a stealther, you can finish them in less than 5 minutes, skipping the trash mobs in other days. Balmorra heroics give around 450k if you do all the bonuses (I usually skip Industrial Sabotage, because it’s slow). A complete Ossus run (weekly, weekly heroics, daily patrol) can give you around 400k. Also, if you have enough copies of a certain random drop decoration, you can sell them for 25k a piece. Oricon has a fair number of bonuses and can get you 250k, but I don’t recommend it to non-stealthers, Black Hole, Czerka, Ziost weeklies take less than 10 minutes etc. Ord Mantell is good once a week if you’re a smuggler or a trooper, as you can do all 3 quests and the bonus in 5 minutes.

Do you want to avoid the credit ugly grind? There are some solutions to your issue. Nobody likes boring grinds, especially when there are so many other fun things to do in a MMO like SWTOR. Discover extra details on SWTOR Credits. By keeping our website up-to-date, we can ensure an upscale shopping experience thanks to a reliable and secure transaction platform: your payments as well as any information given to us are 100% protected and will never be acquired by any third parties. If you have any problem, Please feel free to contact us,and we will provide you the most professional customer support. And it will open for you 24 hours every day.

Html5 racing games

Searching for the latest html5 games that you can play online in your internet browser? Driving cars can be very fun, especially when you can do it in your browser, playing from anywhere, including school or workplace, without any downloads. Here are some cool car games that you can play in your browser.

IO games are trendy and here we will take a look a few of them. The success of naturally caught the attention of other game developers. Most notably Steve Howse, creator of A game that closely followed and dominated the gaming industry. It was even reported that was making $100,000 per day. Naturally, the gaming industry could not ignore this new gaming evolution.

Motor Wars 2 is a fantastic multiplayer game in which you take to the battlefield against other players around the world! The game features realistic 3D graphics, awesome gameplay, and intense vehicle fights. Join the game, pick a team and enter the fray – you must try and destroy the opposing team’s vehicles and also try to capture their flag. The game was initiallly released in December 2013 as an Unity Web Player game. Motor Wars 2 is updated in May 2018 with a brand new look and gameplay as a WebGL game, and can be found exclusively on CrazyGames. Motor Wars 2 was made by Martian Games. You can also find other amazing games from the same developer on CrazyGames, such as Kart Wars, Air Wars 2, Tank Off, and Cow Defender.

2048 is a clone of popular Play Store game 1024. Its source code is written in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. If you are familiar with these languages then I would suggest you to contribute in this stunning game and display your skills to the whole world. This game is licensed under the well-known MIT License. HexGL stands out from the rest of open source HTML5 and JavaScript games when it comes to the cutting edge graphics for the game design. This futuristic racing game has an unbelievable user interface that makes it look like we are playing an offline video game on a desktop computer. It uses HTML5 and JavaScript for rendering the game environment. This open source project is developed and maintained by Thibaut Despoulain with the help of some contributors.

Madalin Cars Multiplayer is an epic online car driving game in the hugely popular Madalin Cars series. Choose from a range of different sports cars and customize them to your liking. You can change the color and drive settings of your car to give yourself a truly personalized ride! Once you have chosen your vehicle, you can join the online game and enter the immense desert landscape! Explore the landscape with other players and practice your driving skills. The world is open and there are many different streets, roads and areas to discover. Drive to your heart’s content or even set up some multiplayer races with other players and show off your driving technique! Do whatever you want and just have a blast!

For our visitors from Bosnia:

Dobrodosli na, vodecu internetsku stranicu s igrama, gdje mozete igrati ogroman raspon besplatnih online igara ukljucujuci arkadne igre, sportske igre, puzzle igre, naci ce se tu ponesto i za djevojcice i jos mnogo toga. Ukoliko se volite druzit s drugim igracima, zelite biti dio tima ili se pak boriti protiv drugih igraca, obavezno pogledajte nasu kolekciju Multiplayer igrica. Imamo sirok raspon kategorija igara, od akcijskih igara do sportskih igara, dress-up igara do kartaskih igrica. Svaka igra u nasoj kolekciji je potpuno besplatna ??i nudi mnogo zabave. Svi, od naprednih igraca do povremenih igraca, ce voljeti nas veliki izbor. Ako trazite nekoliko minuta lagane zabave, imamo brze i jednostavne izazove. Bez obzira na to kako zelite igrati, je osmisljen kako bi vam pruzio savrseno iskustvo, svaki put! Zapocnite svoju avanturu odabirom kategorije ili preko trazilice u gornjem kutu. Uzivajte u potpuno besplatnom igranju! Igrajte igre na Html5 Games Online.

Dare questions

Searching for crazy Truth or Dare Questions? The party game of truth or dare is known by all people and popular among young people and grown ups. Playing truth or dare do not require much planning or high cost materials, and can be enjoyed by friends, groups of couples, at a party or a night meeting; finally, anytime, anywhere it is valid to test the sincerity or the boldness of your friends.

Say who (here) has a wrong partner or does not suit him. If you were marooned on an island with one person whom you know personally, who would like it to be that person? He mentions something that ever done and that you did not want to be known What is the dumbest thing you’ve said your partner while on intimacy? Have you ever picked your nose and eaten it? Which of the people who are in this game, considered to have the best body?

Use these dare questions for playing truth or dare is one of the best games for a party of getting to know your friends. We will provide the perfect questions. For you to have a better picture of what you are most likely going to experience while playing this game, we will be sharing quick illustration based on the category of people or person you are playing the game with. Discover additional details on Dare questions.

Dare? Which of the people who are in this game, believes it has lately deteriorated their physical appearance: his body, his dress? If you could suddenly become invisible, what more naughty things you like to do? Go up to someone and scare them. Very affectionately kiss another participant (the rest can choose whom). Give a massage to a companion for 5 minutes.

Are you planning to play this truth and dare game with your friends or loved ones and you don’t really have an idea on how to go about this right here, we will be sharing certain things that you need to know about how to play this game and make it so much fun. See extra info on Truth questions.

With that being said, everyone engaging in playing Truth or Dare should understand that there’s bound to be some embarrassing or uncomfortable situations involved. But, the main objective of this game is to have fun and give everyone the chance to let their hair down and find out some juicy information from each other.

The purpose of every game is to make those involve in it smile, share some exciting moments, and laugh endlessly without restrictions.This truth or dare game does that quite well by bringing live to a dead party within just a short period of time. If you have in a way or another gotten yourself involve in playing this game, you should know how exciting it is to play it with your friends where you get to see their crazy sides and listen to some truth confession that you might not just hear from your friends through a normal conversation. This can be crazy, all you have to do is play the game with an open and enjoy the cruise like you are riding on a rollercoaster. This truth and dare game is divided into two major options for each player to choose from. The selection process is done through either balloting or by spinning a bottle in the middle of the participants for it to randomly choose a player. Anyone that picks a ballot or the spinned bottle points to after the spin get to choose either a truth or dare question and do exactly what they are asked to do or pay a fine. Discover extra info at Never have I ever questions.

Esports interviews and latest news

A big surprise of this decade is the e-Sports scene. In the past gamers were ridiculed. Today they are earning more that sports people and gamers championships have better ratings than old sports. So here are some latest e-sports news. Let’s talk about: Esports standings.

League of Legends is the most watched esport. In 2017, The League of Legends World Championship was the most watched event on Twitch with a viewership of over 49.5 million hours and a ticket revenue of $5.5 million. Where can you watch esports? Esports are typically watched through video streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube or Mixer. All three are available through your web browser and as apps for iOS and Android devices. However, to truly capture the magic of esports, it’s better to attend events in person. Tickets for major events are usually available from ticket retailers or the organizers website, however StubHubperhaps provides the widest variety globally. See additional details on Online eSports News.

“Gaming is no longer just a form of entertainment. There are legitimate careers to pursue within this industry, but the paths aren’t always clear,” explained N3rd Street Gamers CEO John Fazio. “This premier esports facility will give Rowan University students and the surrounding community the opportunity to learn both technical and professional skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.” “Rowan will work collaboratively with NSG to develop curricula relating to the esports industry, establish internship opportunities, and create club and varsity-level teams,” reports Rowan Today. Through internships both on and off-campus, student-gamers will receive “hands-on training and knowledge in a variety of fields that will prepare them to become leaders in technology, engineering, business, computer programming and even broadcasting as it applies to this emerging industry.” Also in development are certificate programs that will provide students and professionals with credentials and training to work in the esports industry.

Today, we are pleased to announce that Arcadia University, Barry College, and St. Thomas University have joined the growing number of schools with formal esports programs. St. Thomas University has already established a scholarship program and each school plans to launch their esports program this fall. Here you go. This fall, Arcadia University will become one of eight colleges and universities in the Mid-American Conference (MAC) offering an esports varsity athletic program. The school, which offers a BA in Global Media with a Digital Gaming Studies Concentration, joins Albright College, DeSales University, Delaware Valley University, Lebanon Valley College, Misericordia University, Stevenson University, and Widener University.

A further 16 games will take place on Week Two this week starting with Washington Justice facing London Spitfire in what is now a must-win game for the current Champions, who then also face a tough second game later in the week when they take on the as-yet undefeated Huangzhou Spark in the first of four games on Sunday. Other key matches include a double-header for New York Excelsior against Los Angeles Valiant and then the winless Houston Outlaws, while the Philadelphia Fusion will hope to continue their positive start against the Florida Mayhem and the Dallas Fuel. At the other end of the table, the luckless Shanghai Dragons will continue their search for their first win in the Overwatch League after going all of last season without a win, as they have just one game this week against the Boston Uprising. Visit: