BOARD gaming mouse pads

Looking for the best quality large gaming mouse pad ? The quality of the gaming mouse pad has a huge influence on how good you play games, especially FPS games. Let’s try a top 3 best gaming mouse pads.

No 1: BOARD gaming mouse pads are amazing. What people say? A thick and substantially long mousepad that’ll fit my TKL keyboard and give my mouse lots of room to move. I’ve only had this mousepad for about a week now and I’m hoping the stiched edges will hold up as I do clean my peripherals every month or so. This does seem pretty promising though; and I’ll update this review later. So far, 5/5 rating for being a pretty aesthetically pleasing mousepad, good quality, and a good price on top of it all. The cloth mousepad can be rolled and stored when not in use for your convenience. Premium Quality. This gaming mouse mat was made to last! The cloth mousepad is made with the best quality materials and carefully stitched to give you great durability even with heavy use. Buy a high quality white gaming mouse pad from Board.Blue.

No 2: There are a lot of mouse pads out there that we love in theory, but just won’t fit our desk – either too big or entirely too small. However, the Cooler Master MP510 looks to get on top of this problem by offering 4 different sizes, from a small pad that’ll fit any desk to a giant mouse pad that will take up even the largest desk. It’s made of a durable Cordura fabric that won’t fray, stain or even absorb liquid. So, you won’t have to panic when you inevitably spill your drink – except for all your other peripherals, we guess.

No 3: Corsair came in with the top gaming mouse pad, albeit with a few issues. You know how we do it on Gear Hungry: we like to get the negatives out of the way first and foremost. This comes treated to try and prevent stains and damage, but it brings with it a highly chemical smell. On top of that, the coloration you see on the marketing photos are fairly accurate: this is going to fade from black to white with age, which doesn’t impede on its function, but is still unfortunate. Corsair did mark this at an incredibly low price, making it one of the best values on our list. While you run into those little issues, you get immense horizontal space for maximum range. Even with that discoloration problem, the material never frays or slips, thanks to the quality construction and no-skid rubber base. Wherever you place this down, it’s going to stick. The textile-specific textured top allows you to maintain accuracy no matter what, making this ultra functional, and intense for long-winded gaming sessions. If you are into gaming, make sure you also check our guide to the top gaming routers.

Great gamers need great gear. We get this. We’re gamers, too. That’s why we get frustrated when we’re looking for gear only to find everything absurdly overpriced and, quite frankly, ugly as hell. Gamers deserve better. We’re Board, and we’re sick of it. We make high-performance gear for high-performance gamers, and we sell it at prices you can afford. Your setup is key. It’s how you translate your abilities to the game space. As gamers, we all deserve to have gear that is as dedicated to excellence as we are while reflecting our personal style. Read more details at

BlizzCon 2018: Things to look forward to in Starcraft II

A lot of the attention surrounding this year’s BlizzCon was naturally focused on major announcements such as Diablo Immortal and Hearthstone’s Rastakhan’s Rumble expansion. However, a little time was set aside for StarCraft II as well, specifically during the ‘StarCraft II: What’s Next’ panel. Continue reading “BlizzCon 2018: Things to look forward to in Starcraft II”

The Forest has shipped 5.3 million copies

Endlight Games has announced that its horror-themed survival title The Forest has flogged 5.3 million copies worldwide since its release via Early Access back in 2014.

That’s a pretty impressive figure considering the game isn’t exactly backed by a triple-A budget; Endlight revealed that The Forest was originally built on a modest $125,000. The sales are all from the PC version too, as the PlayStation 4 edition of the game has only just come out. Continue reading “The Forest has shipped 5.3 million copies”

GTA 5 has shipped 100 million copies

Take-Two has announced that Grand Theft Auto 5 has shipped a staggering 100 million copies worldwide.

The open-world crime caper launched on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in September 2013, and in May had shipped 95 million copies. The game was ported to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2014 with a new first-person mode and enhanced visuals. Continue reading “GTA 5 has shipped 100 million copies”

Take-Two: Game streaming is a big opportunity for us

Take-Two says it is closely watching the game streaming services proposed by Microsoft and Google.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 publisher believes that a low-latency game streaming service will be delivered, but says the only missing element is a business model that works with the way the firm wants to operate. Continue reading “Take-Two: Game streaming is a big opportunity for us”

Fortnite reaches 8.3 million concurrent players

“Fortnite shows no signs of slowing” continues to be a tried, if tired, and true introduction to news pieces on the game, and today is no exception. Epic Games has revealed that the game has reached 8.3 million concurrent worldwide users in conjunction with its release in South Korea this past week. Continue reading “Fortnite reaches 8.3 million concurrent players”

Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XIV are crossing over

Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn are getting a special crossover event next month, developer Square Enix has announced.

The collaboration will be available on December 12 in the US and Europe, and comes as part of a new update. This will introduce a new quest known as Adventurer from Another World, which sees Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Y’jhimei rocking up in Final Fantasy XV. Continue reading “Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XIV are crossing over”

Activision Blizzard shares drop a further 11 per cent

Shares of Activision Blizzard took another hit last night in the wake of the firm’s latest financial results.

While the publisher’s net income is on the rise, its revenues, bookings and monthly active users all dipped. Bloomberg reports this caused an 11 per cent drop in its share price.

It follows another blow to Activision’s shares earlier this week, as the backlash around the announcement of mobile outing Diablo Immortal prompted a 6.74% decline. This led to Activision’s lowest close of trading since January.

The financial results brought the firm’s share price down to as low as $55.80 in extended trading.

Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Matthew Kanterman suggests there is pressure for its current titles to perform better than they are, particularly with a lighter release slate predicted for 2019.

While there will inevitably be a Call of Duty next Q4, the only other title Activision has announced for 2019 is From Software’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. If Bungie follows the same schedule is has with Destiny so far, next year will see the launch of another expansion, rather than Destiny 3.

This year’s results suffered somewhat from comparison to the launch of last year’s Destiny 2. Not only was this an expansion year, but Activision admitted the game as a whole has not taken off in the way it hopes. Also, last year saw Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy dominate retail over the summer.

Activision also faces comparisons to the ongoing phenomenon that is Fortnite and the stunning success of Red Dead Redemption 2, which took $725 million in three days and matched its predecessor’s eight years of sales in eight days.

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Riot Games sued for gender discrimination

League of Legends publisher Riot Games has been hit by a lawsuit from one current and one former employee, accusing the company of ‘endemic gender-based discrimination’ as well as fostering a ‘men-first environment.’

The accusations follow on the heels of an extensive report by Kotaku, which shed light on 28 current and former employees who spoke of Riot Games’ ‘bro culture’ that ‘in some instances, rewards behaviour that disadvantages women.’ Continue reading “Riot Games sued for gender discrimination”