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Best gaming accessories 2023 with BlogSavvy: The best gaming laptop accessories can elevate any PC, budget or premium, into a true centerpiece of fun. And now that more and more gamers are turning to laptops for their portability and performance, the market for accessories is taking off. Navigating the gaming accessory market can be overwhelming due to the sheer amount of options and brands, which is why we’ve rounded up a bunch of the absolute best gaming laptop accessories right here. Best part? They’ll work with pretty much any PC, so your desktop will also see the same improvements. We’ve included everything from the best gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, monitors, and more to help you get a complete and optimal setup. Find even more details at

Even though the SteelSeries Apex Pro is a full-sized keyboard with a number pad, it doesn’t take up too much room on the desktop (there is also a tenkeyless version, though). The build quality is top class, with a matte black aluminum board, and an incredibly comfortable, soft-touch wrist rest that connects magnetically. There’s a small OLED at the top right, along with a clickable roller and a large key that serve as dedicated media controls. You can make the OLED display your gamer tag or even a GIF animation, but it also offers some welcome feedback on your chosen settings and profiles, so you don’t need to tab out of your game to tweak things. The headline feature here comes courtesy of the Omnipoint switches. Not only does SteelSeries claim that they’re much more responsive and durable than conventional mechanical switches, but they also offer customizable actuation. This means you can configure your preferred sensitivity level, dictating whether you’d like the lightest of touches to register or a deeper press. It doesn’t change the feel of typing on the keyboard (which is excellent by the way) but it does change when the key press registers.

I’ve been using this keyboard for the past few months and aside from its lack of compatibility with the PS5, this is one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards you can buy right now. The lightspeed wireless technology makes for a fast connection to your PC, and helps to reduce the amount of latency between your key presses and the game response. It also has the ability to effortlessly switch between the lightspeed-connected device and a Bluetooth-connected device at the push of a button. Other things like the volume scroll wheel, and dedicated media playback controls are even more reasons to love this keyboard. But most of all, the battery life and build-quality are what make this the keyboard to beat. While it’s not the only great gaming keyboard out there, it currently stands at the top. If there was one or two things that could be improved though, it would be support for the PS5 via Bluetooth, and the use of USB-C instead of micro USB for the cable connection when charging.

For $249.99 MSRP, you can pick up this very comfortable headset from Steelseries. It is packed with options and offers great sound for gamers on all systems. While it’s quite expensive compared to a lot of headsets on the market, you get a lot for that price. Let’s take a closer look: Although it was released in 2018 it still hangs with the pack because it was the first gaming headset to come with genuine Hi-Res audio support. Everyone else is still playing catch-up. It’s a full headset with a mic, making it ideal for PS or PC gamers, though our only nit-pick is that the mic can peak quite easily. The Arctis Pro is equipped with a Game DAC hardware unit and all the necessary cords to hook the headset up, including an optical cord, USB, and even a 3.5mm jack if you want to use this beast on your phone. As far as comfort and general use, there are no complaints. It’s made from high-quality parts, it’s nicely elasticated, and you can actually adjust them for the perfect fit. We had no problem with heat or discomfort after hours of gameplay.With DAC you can mix between gaming and calls, change the volume on the fly, and ensure there’s no interference. With realistic surround sound, this is currently one of the best computer accessories for gamers and will go well with any top gaming PC.

Once you’ve set up a strong gaming hardware core, the streaming accessories from Elgato and Logitech will come into play. That will likely require a better router, but the Netgear Nighthawk XR1000 is up to the task. And finally, don’t forget to pick up a great laptop backpack to carry your PC and all of its new accessories. We recommend checking out our picks for best gaming laptops, the best cheap gaming laptops, and the best AMD Ryzen laptops. There are plenty of options to choose from, and you’re bound to find something that suits your needs.

Audeze’s Penrose and Penrose X gaming headsets have one major advantage: planar magnetic drivers. This type of headphone construction utilizes a pair of magnets on either side of the audio driver in each cup, allowing them to move it with much more force and precision. You can read a lot more about how it works if you want to, but all you really need to know is that planar magnetic headphones tend to deliver excellent audio quality. That’s not the only thing we love about the PS5-compatible Penrose and Xbox-compatible Penrose X, however. These durable wireless headsets may feel a bit heavy on your head at first, but their contoured ear cups are surprisingly plush, while the padded headband and firm clamping force help them stay locked onto your head through however many hours of gaming. The hint of blue on the Penrose and hint of green on the Penrose X add a nice pop of color without resorting to garish propensities, and the included 3.5mm cable, USB A-to-C charger, and USB-C cables are plenty long and feel sturdy enough to last a while. An included 2.4Ghz dongle makes it very easy to pair the Penrose with your gaming platform of choice, and the Penrose’s intuitive controls and dual volume/mic wheels make choosing an audio source or fine-tuning your audio experience pleasingly easy.

Grabbing a quality backpack for your gaming laptop and accessories is never a bad idea. You’ll want to take advantage of the PC’s portability, but gaming laptops are still on the heavy side. This Matein bag has a sleeve for your laptop and plenty of other pockets for travel items. It’s available in 12 different colors and either a 15.6- or 17-inch size. One other key component of game streaming can be checked off with this Logitech StreamCam, one of the best webcams out there. Sure, your gaming laptop might have a built-in webcam, but it’s likely not going to match the 1080p 60fps video available here. Logitech’s auto-framing and auto-exposure enhancements keep you looking as good as possible for your viewers. Discover even more information at

The types of games you play will also determine what gaming gear you require. First Person Shooters need the precision of a gaming mouse and surface, while third-person adventure-style games are fine with a USB control pad or regular mouse and keyboard. Likewise, to get the most out of flight simulators or racers, you might consider yokes or wheels. Dedicated MMO players might even go for a keypad. If you want to verbally interact with others during online gaming, a headset is a must-have. Streamers might want to up the quality of their mic to something standalone Online gaming obviously requires an internet connection, but it also needs to be stable, have a good Wi-Fi range (though preferably your gaming PC should be wired), and ideally have multiple frequency bands and bandwidth prioritization and efficiency technology so your game doesn’t lag. That’s where a gaming router or at least a good regular router helps.